7 Best Public Beaches in Destin Florida for Families in 2023

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Planning an exciting beach vacation for your family this summer?

Destin in the Florida Panhandle is the perfect place to do it! It’s no wonder Destin is a popular travel destination, with miles of white sand beaches, blue waters with panoramic views, and plenty of activities to keep kids and adults alike entertained.

To ensure you and your family have the perfect beach vacation, we’ve rounded up Destin’s best public beaches for families in 2023.

Whether you want to play in the waves for a day or just enjoy a spectacular view from afar, these larger beaches on Florida’s Emerald Coast offer something interesting and fun for everyone.

Read on to learn about our favorites so you can find your ideal spot when visiting one of Northwest Florida’s beautiful beaches!

Why Destin is an ideal beach destination for families with children?

If you are looking for a beach vacation destination that caters perfectly to the needs of families, then consider Destin. This idyllic coastal Florida town has everything a family could ever want – from gentle waves perfect for splashing and swimming to top-notch restaurants sure to please even the pickiest of little eaters.

In addition, there is also a wealth of activities that can be undertaken alone or with the whole family, such as golfing, fishing or boat tours.

What really makes Destin a great destination for families with kids, however, is the fact that all age groups can enjoy themselves here. It doesn’t matter whether your children are just past the sandbox age or older, there is always something to do and experience here.

Here are the 7 Best Public Beaches in Destin Florida for Families in 2023

Henderson Beach State Park – Calm, clear water, and a scenic white-sand beach

Henderson State Park Destin

A day at the beach at Henderson Beach State Park is the epitome of relaxation.

The water is so calm and clear that you can watch your feet graze the sand. There is also a picturesque white beach that makes it difficult to return.

The wild beauty all around is just as worthwhile as bathing.

Leave your worries behind and lie down under the shady palm trees or fire up the BBQ and enjoy a picnic on the beach.

There really is no better place to escape the hectic everyday life and to unwind.

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James Lee Park is very popular with locals.

The park offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and is a great destination for nature lovers.

There are many hiking trails to explore nature, as well as picnic spots to spend some relaxing time with family and friends.

In the park, there is also a small playground for the younger visitors. James Lee Park is truly a place to visit if you want to experience the best of Virginia’s nature and scenery.

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Okaloosa Island – Home to a variety of water sports including jet-skiing, snorkeling, and paddleboarding

Okaloosa Island Pier

Okaloosa Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast is a water sports enthusiast’s paradise. With a variety of activities such as jet skiing, snorkeling and paddleboarding, there is something for everyone.

The island also offers a stunning backdrop for these adventures, surrounded by crystal clear waters and soft sandy beaches.

Whether you are a seasoned water sports enthusiast or are new to these exciting sports, Okaloosa Island is definitely the place to visit.

Dive in and experience the thrill of water sports activities amidst Florida’s natural beauty.

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Crab Island – A great spot for shallow swimming and dinghy rentals

Crab Island Destin Florida
Image credit: Image by Corygodar on Wikimedia Commons

Crab Island is the ultimate spot if you’re looking for flat water and tubing to relax. With its crystal clear waters and gentle ocean currents, Crab Island is the perfect place for families looking for a quiet day at the beach.

But how about if you want to loosen things up a bit?

Here’s an idea: why not rent one of the many inflatable boats and explore the surrounding area?

Whether you choose to drive along the coast or take a spin around the secluded coves, the views and warm weather are sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

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Fort Pickens Beach best public beaches in destin florida for families
Image credit: Image by Ebyabe on Wikimedia Commons

Fort Pickens Beach is a wonderful place for a day at the beach. With picturesque promenades and crystal clear waters, it is easy to relax and be amazed by the beauty of this place.

But there is more to discover! This beach is also home to diverse wildlife including dolphins, pelicans and terns.

So if you are an animal lover, you should definitely take a trip to Fort Pickens Beach.

But whether you’re here to spot wildlife or just splash around in the sea, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable and enjoyable day at the beach.

Holiday Isle – an excellent location for fishing, kayaking, jet skiing and other water activities

Holiday Isle is a magical place for water sports enthusiasts. Here you will find everything your heart desires – from fishing to kayaking and jet skiing.

The crystal clear waters are perfect for sea adventures and offer endless opportunities to let off steam.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to the world of watersports, Holiday Isle is the place for you.

Come and experience unforgettable moments in the midst of a breathtaking landscape.

Miramar Beach – a great place to relax on the beach with loved ones while enjoying nearby attractions

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is a fabulous place to take a break from everyday life and enjoy quiet moments on the beach.

But what makes this place even more special is its proximity to other exciting activities, like Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park.

Here you can seek out an adrenaline rush and experience adventure before retiring to the gentle waves of the turquoise waters.

Whether you are alone or traveling with your loved ones, Miramar Beach is a place where you can relax and have new experiences at the same time.

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In summary, Destin is a great choice for families wanting to experience the beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast. With its numerous beaches, activities and attractions, families can create unique and lasting memories here.

Henderson Beach State Park is a great place to enjoy the tranquility of shimmering waves lapping the white sand beach.

James Lee Park offers breathtaking views, nature trails and picnic areas. From jet skiing to snorkeling to paddle boarding, Okaloosa Island has something for everyone.

For those looking for a relaxed beach experience, Crab Island is an ideal spot for shallow-water swimming and inflatable boat rides.

And Fort Pickens Beach, with its boardwalks and wildlife, offers a breathtaking bird’s-eye view.

All in all, it’s no wonder Destin continues to be such a popular vacation destination – perfect for creating memories with family that will last a lifetime!

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